About Rain Water Harvesting

Water is the key to life. Of all the planets known to man – Earth deserves to be called as the Water Planet. Rain being main source of fresh water its importance in conservation was not understood till now In scientific terms, water harvesting refers to collection and storage of rainwater and also other activities aimed at harvesting surface and groundwater.

In general, water harvesting is the activity of direct collection of rainwater. The rainwater collected can be stored for direct use or can be recharged into the groundwater.

Rain is the direct form of water that we know in the hydrological cycle, hence is a primary source of water to us. Rivers, lakes and groundwater are all secondary sources of water. In present times, we depend entirely on such secondary sources of water. In the process, it is forgotten that rain is the ultimate source that feeds all these secondary sources and remain ignorant of its value. Water harvesting means to understand the value of rain, and to make optimum use of rainwater at the place where it falls.


The total amount of water that is received in the form of rainfall over an area is called the rainwater endowment of that area. Out of this, the amount that can be effectively harvested is called the water harvesting potential.

Water harvesting potential= rainfall(mm) x collection efficiency Rainwater can be harvested for tow purposes:
  • Stored for ready use in tanks above ground or below ground.
  • Charged into soil for withdrawal later (groundwater recharging) Like your borewells, ringwells, etc.


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