Technical Details
 Membrane  TFC Imported 1812
 Supply voltage  220 V + 15%
 Pump Voltage  48/36V Imported
 Flot Rate  10-12 Ltrs./Hour
 Weight  Approx. 15 kg.
 Inlet Water Presure  0.5 Kg./Sq. cm. (Min.)
 Recovery  15% Min
 Function  Auto
 Adaptor  36V
Inlet Water Feed Conditions
 TDS  1500 ppm (Max.)
 Turbidity  "<"5 NTU
 Oil & Grease  Nil
 Water PH  4 - 10
 Temperature  40 Degree Max.
1  Reverse osmosis system for perfect purity.
2 " Removes - bactiria, virus & pyrogen &  dissoleved impurities like salt and heavy metals.  - Dirt, mud & other physical impurities - Odour, color & excessive chlorine."
3  Fully automatic with auto start and auto off.
4  Approx 10 litters inbuilt storage tank.
5  Low pressure protection.
6  Food grade ABS compact body.
7  Installed with push in fitting for leak free  performance and long life.
8  High performance imported inline sediment and  carbon filter.


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